01. Client


02. Deliverables

Digital strategy and social media content.

03. Role

Creative Direction, art direction, copywritting and graphic design.

Case Study

04. Description

Schweppes, the brand of tonics and soft drinks, contacted us to serve as its digital agency. The challenge: to digitalise the brand’s communications, devising a strategy of great creative value content that connects with the target consumers and makes Schweppes a brand boasting TOMA (top-of-mind awareness) when it comes to the gin & tonic experience.

05. Our solution

The digitalisation of their communications involved not only creating a content strategy, but also bringing into line all the company’s digital platforms, from its social channels to its website. If one of the aims was to make the brand a leader in the gin & tonic market, we had to create an action plan focused on this brand area, in addition to social media content that transmitted “premiumness”, encompassing and promoting Premium Mixers.

If we wanted to make inroads in the gin & tonic market, we needed to ask ourselves how people view the experience of enjoying a gin & tonic, identifying something that everyone could identify with. Once we detected these “truths” we developed a content plan with a solid communications approach in order to position the brand in that context, striking the right balance between message and tone.

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