01. Client

Torres Brandy

02. Deliverables

Digital strategy, social media content and digital playbook

03. Role

Global digital agency

Case Study

04. Description

Known for our large experience on working for wine and spirits companies, we were invited to join famous winery and brandy company Torres as global digital agency with the launching of Torres Brandy, a new brand which purpose is unifying all their brandies under one same brand.

To achieve our objective we were asked to create a value proposal that fits with new consumers wants and needs and at the same time developing a digital playbook that worked as a brand bible for local marketing teams and brand ambassadors.

05. Our solution

After analyzing lots of consumer trends we realized that the best way to connect Torres Brandy with new consumer generations should be via an attitudinal way. Leaving the confort zone and accept the challenge of new experiences.

Under this “dare to” concept we develop a content strategy which include news moments of consumption, astonishing food pairings, new serves and mixes, etc.

Otherwise, we’ve been working on the creation of a brand code and style guide not only for imagery production but for “how to” actuation in digital context as well.

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