The Scent Creator


01. Client

The Alchemist Atelier

02. Deliverables

Brand positioning strategy and digital campaign

03. Role

Creative direction, art direction

Case Study

04. Description

The next revolution in the fragrance industry is becoming your own perfume designer and make perfume personal.

The Scent Creator is a revolutionary home device that allows you to design and craft your own and unique perfumes as a professional perfumer.

However, as any disruptive innovation one of its biggest challenges is communicating what it is and the advantages of using the device to the right audience.

05. Our solution

We joined the brand to help them on a deeper stage before developing a communication campaign. As they failed on their first attempt to launch the device we teamed together on rethinking and defining some strategic steps:

1st STEP: Defining a niche.
This is not a mainstream device so we needed to find our target.

2nd STEP: Identify the DRIVEN that triggers them to make their own perfumes. We thought this must be “PERSONALIZATION” so we wanted to connect with people mad for personalization.

3rd STEP: Focus on those consumer insights that will help present something valuable to our audience (uniqueness, self expression, creativity…)

4th STEP: Develop a campaign (video ad, key visuals and social media content) attending to the three levels of the funnel on our costumer journey.

Scent Creator
The Scent Creator
The Scent Creator
The Scent Creator
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