Vertigo Barcelona - Portfolio - Borges


01. Client


02. Deliverables

Content plan that helps Borges reinforce its positioning as a brand linked with traditions and the local area.

03. Role

Strategy definition, creativity, art direction, video production, graphic design

Case Study

04. Description

Borges is a very healthy brand in terms of sales. It’s one of those familiar brands we’ve all seen at home, in the form of bottles of oil and vinegar, dried fruits and nuts, etc.

But this good health isn’t helping it to connect with a younger public. That’s why our digital channel strategy is to create content that leads younger consumers to identify with the brand.

The aim of the “Roots” project is to create this connection through content typically associated with identity, such as traditions and gastronomy.

05. Our solution

Using two real people and a format halfway between a documentary and entertainment, we explain the country’s traditions, both from a cultural and historical point of view and also in gastronomic terms, but always related to the particular experiences of these people.

Thanks to the large number of festivals and traditions throughout the year, this focus allows us to hold an ongoing conversation with our target, also building brand credibility.

And because these traditions are strongly related to gastronomy, this action also allows us to work on the consumption moment for specific products and thereby encourage their purchase.

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