01. Client

Obra Social “la Caixa”

02. Deliverables

Digital strategy, digital content, web design and programming, PR plan and community management.

03. Role

Creative direction, digital and PR strategy, content development

Case Study

04. Description

Through “Con los Imprescindibles” campaign we helped them to give visibility not only the work the foundation is doing, but also to many of the social entities and organizations they are collaborating with both on social (Red Cross, Achnur, Intermón Oxfam…) or scientific and medical research ambits (IRSI Caixa, Hospital Vall d’Hebron, Hospital Clínic…). Because they are the essentials, the real heroes of our society. The ones that work hard everyday so that we all have the same opportunities.

05. Our solution

Our collaboration on this campaign was driven in many ambits. We built a website so users could know in deep many of this social and scientific organizations and projects the foundation is collaborating with, as well as give donations. The campaign raised up to 2M euros in one year!!!

On the other hand we created social media content with a defined strategy driven to generate interactions with all the associated organizations. It was a win-win opportunity so we harness they capability to engage communities while they earned awareness on their work through the campaign.

We also held “El Día de los Imprescindibles”, a branded day to highlight the task of those organizations. We enrolled several celebrities and influencers such as chef Ferran Adrià, model Veronica Blume, Spanish Basketball National Team, and media.

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