Vertigo Barcelona - Portfolio - Bombay Sapphire Summer & Gin


01. Client

Bombay Sapphire

02. Deliverables

Digital Campaign, Photography, website activation, social media content and visual Campaign.

03. Role

Creative direction, Art direction, Graphic Design and copywriter and photos for the digital campaign.

Case Study

04. Description

Bombay Sapphire is an elegant, premium brand of gin from the UK. The brief was to convey Bombay Sapphire as a premium brand and engage its audience with an exclusive summer experience on board a luxury boat touring the Costa Brava and Balearic Islands. The campaign’s aim was to achieve maximum digital reach and to engage the brand’s fans, involving them in a promotional action communicating premiumness and exclusivity.

05. Our solution

We created a digital campaign through which the audience could win an exclusive experience made up of gastronomy, a Bombay Sapphire boat, music concert, and some nights in a Relais Châteaux. We engaged the audience and brand’s target through an interactive video and a question. The audience could create its own story through the interactive video.

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