Vertigo Barcelona - Portfolio - Anna de Codorníu Miriam Ponsa Ltd Ed.


01. Client

Anna de Codorníu

02. Deliverables

To create content for social networks that showcases the cooperation between Anna de Codorníu and fashion designer Miriam Ponsa to create a new, limited-edition bottle.

03. Role

Creative Direction, Art Direction and Photo & Video Production.

Case Study

04. Description

Anna de Codorníu is the flagship brand of the Codorníu winery. Directed more at women, Anna de Codorníu represents the values of a cosmopolitan woman with a certain sophistication and Mediterranean character.

Proof of this is the brand’s interest in supporting initiatives involving the world of fashion. In this particular case, the idea was to take an in-depth look at the cooperation that started a while back with designer Miriam Ponsa, and which resulted in the creation of a limited-edition bottle of the emblematic cava.

05. Our solution

First, we needed to create a story for our audience that expanded on the meaning of this cooperation, content so that those consumers interested in the world of fashion could find in Anna de Codorníu the cava that fits their lifestyle.

From there, the goal is to generate content that can be digitally distributed, either on social networks through which the consumer can identify with the story, or via banner or email campaigns focused on driving the purchase of the limited-edition bottle.

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