Abacus cooperativa


01. Client

Abacus Cooperativa

02. Deliverables

TV advertising

03. Role

Creative direction, art direction.

Case Study

04. Description

For more than 60 years, Abacus Cooperativa has been a category leader on education and culture. But, due the irruption of new players, it had become less meaningful to new parents and youngsters. To make Abacus Cooperativa more meaningful to parents and students across the country we needed to rethink about what education means today. Education not seen as a specific period in life time, but as the result of an insatiable thirst for curiosity.

05. Our solution

An motional film about the life of a sweet girl with a big desire of, literaly, reaching the stars. A girl fulled of curiosity and the deep belief that nothing won’t stop her on her way to conquer the outer space.

The campaign idea is that Abacus Cooperativa can provide anything you need on education stuff along a lifetime, from the very first steps. But at the same time empowers us as individuals, because only if we have the desire for learning we can bring our lives to the next stage.


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