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01. Client


02. Deliverables

Branding, Packaging, Video, Visual Campaign and PR photos.

03. Role

Creative Direction, art direction, graphic design and photo & video shooting production.

Case Study

04. Description

David Bustamante is a Spanish pop singer, his breakthrough coming with the reality TV hit Operación Triunfo. Bustamante has enjoyed great success in Spain and Latin America with his eight solo albums. In 2012 the Antonio Puig Group launched its first cologne for him, named Muy Mío, in subsequent years releasing other fragrances endorsed by the celebrity: Muy Mío Sport and a perfume called Muy Mía. Bustamante fragrances are the sales leaders in the Spanish market (by volume).

In 2012 the Antonio Puig Group hired us to create the Bustamante brand, and to launch the first cologne: Muy Mío. The challenge was to launch a low-cost scent with an elegant, aspirational image that elevated perceptions of the celebrity. Our work consisted of creating the brand: from the box and packaging, to the communications campaign, the olfactory pyramid, and the campaign videos. In short, the whole project, from start to finish.

05. Our solution

Muy Mío Bustamante is a cologne that conveys, in an elegant way, Bustamante’s spontaneous and natural character. The packaging is based on elegant lines of marked simplicity, with the colour black prevailing, furnishing it with a touch of mystery that makes it even more appealing.

Vertigo Barcelona - Portfolio - Muy Mío Bustamante
Vertigo Barcelona - Portfolio - Muy Mío Bustamante
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