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01. Client

Bombay Sapphire

02. Deliverables

Digital Campaign with strategy and development, website, social media content, photography & video

03. Role

Creative direction, Art direction, Graphic Design and copywriter and photos for the digital campaign.

Case Study

04. Description

Bombay Sapphire is an elegant, premium brand of gin from the UK. The brand contacted us to develop its communications strategy. The challenge: give its communications a new twist and reconnect with its target customers, in response to its continuing loss of brand pre-eminence in the face of new and emerging premium gins.

05. Our solution

Without relinquishing values with which the brand had been associated in the past, like creativity, art, imagination, etc., it was necessary to shake up its communications, making them less vertical and elitist and more inclusive. We worked on a creative concept with which the different types of audiences could identify; a vital, integrative and exciting concept for the consumer, while also an aspirational one. With this concept we managed to build a “consumer-centric” strategy, allowing the audience to enjoy real experiences with the brand.

Video Campaign

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