Vertigo Barcelona - Portfolio - Bombay Sapphire Advocacy Campaign


01. Client

Bombay Sapphire

02. Deliverables

Digital Campaign with strategy and development, website, social media content, photography & video.

03. Role

Creative direction, Art direction, Graphic Design and copywriter and photos.

Case Study

04. Description

In response to the emergence of new gins on the market, Bombay Sapphire had to shore up its position and assert its status as a premium, high-quality gin. To do so we could not limit ourselves to underscoring the superiority of the product through the functional benefits of its distillation processes. Rather, we had to go further and create an emotional bond with the audience, highlighting its emotional benefits through a storytelling approach that connected with both loyal consumers and new audiences entering the Gin & Tonic world.

05. Our solution

“Become a Genuine Gin Master.” We created an advocacy plan that brought together different types of brand content. Contents like “Debunking myths about the world of gin and the Gin & Tonic,” the brand’s heritage, why Bombay Sapphire gin boasts a unique distillation process, etc. The goal was to generate TOMA (Top-of-Mind Awareness) of Bombay Sapphire amongst the different types of targets, making them real masters of the Gin & Tonic world, thereby rendering their choice of gin easier. In addition, the whole advocacy plan was rounded out by a digital promotional effort in which the user had to demonstrate, through a little game/quiz, his knowledge as a ginmaster in order to have a shot at winning a private master class at home with his friends, given by the Brand Ambassador.

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