01. Client


02. Deliverables

Digital Campaign, Spotify activation, video content for social media

03. Role

Creative direction, art direction, video production and digital development

Case Study

04. Description

Benetton Fragrances launches the masculine version of its flagship feminine fragrance COLORS. We were asked to create a digital campaign based on video content and an engaging platform to involve millennials.

05. Our solution

We used rejected shooting takes of the TV comercial to create dozens of new videos giving them new senses by making them interact with each other, adding creative motion graphics or just creating new situations by post production.

In addition we partnered with Spotify to create an stoning app which generated fully personalized playlists based on users musical tastes as well as on the activities they plan such as gaming with friends, a date, partying, workout time or even watching a World Cup game with friends. The innovation was using Spotify’s AI for giving each user a tailored music playlist they could download and listen whenever, wherever.

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