01. Client


02. Deliverables

Brand Identity, packaging design and digital content

03. Role

Creative direction, naming and design development

Case Study

04. Description

Antonio Banderas is not only the name of a latin Hollywood superstar, but also one of the most significant fragrance brands in mass market, and “Seduction” is the most successful product line in its range of fragrances. As the years go by “Seduction” pilar has evolved in many range extensions to adapt to consumers. One of these evolved range extensions is “Power of Seduction”, a sport fragrance that will introduce us into a story of adrenaline and seduction.

05. Our solution

After and exhaustive research and design proposal process we developed a an austere design with a good balance within the concepts we wanted to enhace: lightness, elegance and energy. A packaging that leaves an open door to evolution from the original producto “Power of Seduction” to more extreme declinations such as “Power of seduction Extreme” or “Power of Seduction Force”

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